Looking For Credits some rares


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selling these for the right price :) pm/msg me on discord your offer (please offer i don't have an idea what these are worth but i can do some research) if interested in anything!

white baggies
skate shoes
black everest top
black skull beanie
chick slippers
orange bird buddy
hanukkah blinking shoes
gerald's bucket hat
ice gator hat
beast hat
ALL hns baseball caps
jedi robe
spooky flip
simba hat
spiderweb witch hat
ghost top hat
olaf backpack
christmas mickey backpack
pandora banshee pet
disney sea stitch sunglasses
og princess minnie
elsa winter cape
purple jasmine
full teal jasmine (w/ both tops)
sven onesie

also can trade for these items i’m lf (can mix with creds):
deadpool swords
nemo in a bag hat
black flip
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