Space Stage

Has anyone else found the Space Stage from Space Moutain Quest Deck? It used to be a back entrance to the Inner-Space Shop, but I tried to go through and I landed in this totally new area. Has this been here forever and I just haven't known about it? Lmk or something, or maybe this will help you find it. Idk.
I stumbled upon it while just wandering -- I'm fairly new here so I don't know how long its been here but its a super cool spot! (I thought it lead to the Buzz Lightyear minigame at first lol)


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Hi! The Space Stage was introduced in August I think, as part of a virtual concert for the defunct Tomorrowland band HALYX. It was an event done in collaboration with Defunctland (halyx - YouTube ). There were only two concerts, but the room has been kept around. You can now access the inner space shop by using the spacesuit magic in the inner-space shrinking machine room (which you get to through the quest deck), taking the exit tile on the shrinking machine, and then taking another exit tile from the inner eye room into the rocket ship, which will take you to the space shop.