VMK and Coke Studios Dedication Room (Habbo)


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After checking out Habbo the last couple of weeks, I realized more than ever that I don't fit into the Habbo community. With that said, I got to brainstorming and thought of an idea for my last room that I would make on Habbo. I came up with the idea of making a VMK and Coke Studios dedication room, a dedication to Sulake's past products.

On the VMK side, I tried to make the left part of the room look to represent Tomorrowland, the center part of the room is supposed to represent the winter in VMK, and the many items that were released during the winter, and the right part of the VMK side is supposed to represent the Savannah guest room on VMK. Unfortunately, I didn't have the space for adventureland.

On the Coke Studios side, I tried to make the left side look like a regular Coke Studios public room, where the players would perform on the DJ with their music on stage, while the other players vote on their performance. The right side is supposed to represent a typical Coke Studios guest room. Of course, in Coke Studios, there were Coca Cola couches instead of Habbo Club couches, but they share commonalities.

Room URL for those interested: https://www.habbo.com/room/73887290

Full Room

VMK Side

Coke Studios Side, Stage

Coke Studios Side, Guest Room

Original Attempt (scrapped)