What do YOU want to happen with the game?


original vmk player
I really just want the immaturity and drama to stop. So many people are divided and pointing fingers at each other, on a constant basis. Those that instigate the division and fuel the toxicity: please remember that this is a game. Once it becomes a negative thing for you, please walk away. I'm having a hard time putting into words how disappointed I am that people have twisted it into something so ugly. I understand that you poured your time and love into it. Keep it that way. If you disagree with someone, and you will - talk to them. If it can't be resolved than agree to disagree and either walk away if you are no longer having fun, or remain and be civil with each other. Respect each other's right to an opininon.
Unfortunately, it feels like there are jaded and scorned people out there that seem bent on making sure the whole thing crashes and burns. That is so sad to me. Life is bigger than that. Find a new hobby please.
Amy & current staff: Thank you for all that you do. It has been so fun to relive the memories and meet new people. I'm sorry that people are so critical and hurtful. Every time I log in to decompress from the stresses of real life, I wonder if it's the last time because I know you must be at wit's end with it all. A thankless chore that you dedicate so much time and energy to, yet are constantly criticized and accused of abusing.
I know I make people nauseous with hugs, but truly - Hugs.
I completely agree! I love this game and enjoy playing, it helps relieve stress, helps with what is going on in our lives that we need to decompress. I know @Amy has put a lot of work and hours into this game and would hate to see it go away. I think right now everyone is just so frustrated with how the world is and being stuck at home. Right now my mom is really sick and it helps me destress from that issue. I enjoy talking to friends or just getting sits to see if i can win a pin.
Honestly, adding Quests that can be done daily for extra coins, weekly ones for unique items, and monthly quests (that last a day, maybe) for rares would be cool. It'd be nice to have something to do besides the 4 same mini games and SITS that are done passively get a bit tiring.

Another thing that would be awesome to add that might promote more socializing in the game would be adding "Clubs", kind of like guilds where you're in a group with a group chat and have leaders/officers. Some might have POTC Clubs for people who wanna practice together, Social Clubs to just chat, Collection Clubs to share and trade items, ECT. ORRR, a gamewide, general chat where everybody can chat and players can just jump in the convo if it interests them. Even in a dead game, 3 people in seperate parts of VMK can still communicate and not feel as if they're playing alone on the game just because they're in an empty room.

Lastly, a type of marketplace where stuff can be sold through a third party system rather than having to message people through forums to meet somewhere in game, usually leading to a game of telephone in which people dont end up meeting for hours/days later. Plus it would be easier to price compare and find items that are for sale instead of sifting through dozens/hundreds of posts.

I feel like these would give players a unique experience on the daily, more ways to socialize, and a way to trade even when the game is dead. Since most of the player base are adults who works, trying to line up schedules to trade is difficult and socializing seems dependent on location when you may just want to chat while your group of friends is fishing and you are doing a quest or SITS rides. Game might feel less empty when


This game really meant a lot to me when I was younger as I was in and out of hospital a lot, so tbh I’m really excited it’s back.
unfortunately I didn’t realise it was back until a little while ago, so I missed out on a lot of the cool stuff,
but I mean, I would like to see maybe some more rooms, like to buy. Maybe a tangled one or beauty and the beast.
Some more full outfits, like of underrated movies (Anastasia, sword in the stone, ect
and Some more yeti things, (I missed the quest, lol) like furniture or clothes.


let me hear your yee
Not saying there needs to be a change in the game per-se, but I would LOVE a retro, 90's themed month with A Goofy Movie and An Extremely Goofy Movie being highlighted! That is my all-time favorite movie and I feel like there is so much you can do with it, from Powerline onesies and weekly concerts in-game, to 90's "dad attire" with bucket hats, fanny packs, etc...

I can personally say that my ENTIRE credit count, as well as ALL of my time and energy, will be put into getting everything out of that month as possible! I would also love some Bradley Uppercrust III stuff...how cool would a Gamma Mu Mu pin and outfit be? LOL!

Please consider this theme for an upcoming month this year! :)