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  • no no no! it should be only closed until tomorrow :) I meant they will move the host hunt ot another day
    lol!! clam girl......I'm guessing it will be moved to next week!? ;) I wonder why they are doing all the host hunts in one full week rather than splitting it up?
    I want it to open again!! ;((( I hope you're having a great day! wanted to send you a message here since I haven't in awhile!
    If they have sushi at epcot's food and wine festival this saturday, I will try one for you and take a pic of it!! :D :D
    Well now i'm not so sure because it is gettin late in the UK! :p she said she had something to do and would be back later...but where or where is thy amy now? I will keep you posted definitely! did you see the first Insidious? :) I know somebody that went and they were scared for life! have you ever seen the grudge!?
    Lol! girl don't worry you don't have to tell me where you're going, I"m not your parent! ;) go out and have fun, I just felt like punching you anyway!!!!! OH man oh man I heard Insidious 1 AND 2 were so scary. did you have trouble sleeping last night because of it? I used to be addicted to horror when I was younger, now I'm such a baby..

    That's so weird that your chat is doing that, message kevin I say! don't worry you haven't missed much :) amy DID get the server though, and apparently the test will be today!?
    Ahhh I'm still hoping that the game will open up tonight, who knows <3 I can only wish.......whatcha up to!? I'm about to start school right now :) just need to do Spanish and economics
    the website is myvmk.com/chat. try typing that in. i dont really know much about computers. lol
    I am going to message you back after work and school tomorrow, so that means probably around 7 or 8!! :) after tomorrow, I have no more work until Monday
    Lol! well since my dad works outside all day, he needs LOTS of ice in the summer (our ice machine doesn't even work - poo!!!) go get some sleep, but definitely celebrate because I bet you did AWESOME on the test. I am going to bed in about 30 mins, got another 8 hour work day tomorrow!!
    Hello there!! I like cheesy things - especially cheese..oh man have i mentioned how much I love cheese? ;) well apparently amy hasn't gotten the server yet, but people are saying that it is indeed installing now and takes 0-48hours to finish (it has been 25) so I'm so confused!!!!! but I'm actually leave in an hour to go to exercise class, then I should be back at nine (have to do another round of grocery shopping-hehe)
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