haunted mansion game

  1. SweetTea

    Credit Bonuses & Keys for 1-Player HM

    Honestly, the decision to take this away was a poor one in my opinion. Not only was it done so briskly in response to the whole afk HM fiasco, but it didn't involve the community whatsoever. Nor do I imagine there was enough time to get a staff vote. Not pointing fingers or trying to be...
  2. Klimt

    HM and JC issues

    Hi everyone! I've been having a lot of issues with the HM and JC minigames recently. :blush: With haunted mansion, I completely freeze in the middle of a game. If I play alone, it seems to be okay. But when I play with other players, I'll freeze with 1:30 mins left in a game. I can't move or...