haunted mansion

  1. Blop

    Escape from Phantom Manor - QUEST

    Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Phantom Manor. Do you think you can escape these chilling halls? I'm happy to debut my first quest on MyVMK. It's part quest, part ride-a-thon, part maze... all parts terrifying. This quest requires some knowledge of the Phantom Manor attraction located in...
  2. SweetTea


  3. SunshinyCashew


    Offering 150k for this pin! lmk if you have it :)
  4. spooketti

    LF ~ anything spooky/halloween/haunted mansion

    mainly clothing and pins i'll buy some furniture too but i'm picky with that stuff. feel free to show me anyways, you never know. plssssss hit me up! :GhostHost:
  5. glissando

    Selling Room Pins

    Hi all, I'm selling a couple room pins. Prices listed or best offer. - Ariel's Grotto 25k - Haunted Mansion Conservatory Holiday - 15k
  6. AdventureTaryn

    Looking for furniture

    Hey hey, So I'm looking for Pirate things, and Haunted Mansion and Halloween things. Im also looking for crate furniture! mostly the clouds and that wall backdrop lol and newly added, I am now looking for space things xD and everest things, and PLANTs and wdw white castle pieces. you know...
  7. GhastlyGhoul

    Looking for: Tomb Chair (and other halloween items

    Hello everyone! I was hoping someone somewhere may have a coffin chair or two they might be willing to let go of? I'm also in search for halloween items such as:the floating Candelabra, HM Tombstones, HM Tomb Couch, HM Gates and HM wall dividers <3 Please let me know what you want for them...
  8. DizzyDuck

    Selling HM Conservatory Holiday

    Title says it all ^-^ I originally got this room because I didn't realize there was a regular one out there haha. I bought it for 15k so Im looking for between 10k-15k on it ^-^
  9. Klimt


    pls close <3
  10. Klimt

    Klimt's Wishlist! (9/25)

    Note that I might not be able to afford all of these items right now, as I don't have a crazy amount of credits, but please let me know if you're willing to trade! I also have a few JC sunset pin sets if that's of interest! Name your price! I don't know the exact name of all of these items, so...
  11. africaelenab

    help :o

    anyone know value of these? c3po mickey ears galaxy mickey ears pink flip hat 1* teleportation magic OG cowboy pants brown fountain of falling stars Alien encounter pin Haunted mansion donald tsumtsum full purple super hero costume haunted mansion wallpaper winterwonderland room pin TY <3
  12. DeputySkippy

    LF Haunted/Spooky Pins

    Looking for haunted and spooky pins. Can be haunted mansion, haunted tsum tsum, etc. Also, creepy magic!! Lmk if you have and your asking price. Thanks!!
  13. alloadieu


  14. Klimt

    trade made please close!

    Looking for full outfits, but would consider purchasing individual pieces. Let me know your price! :D
  15. activia

    LF a bunch of items! (clothes & pins)

    comment or send me a PM if you're looking to sell anything on this list, I'm primarily trading credits right now. I'll try to get back asap to anyone getting in contact with me (: CLOTHING: Anna Coronation (shoes) Blue Princess (top, skirt, shoes) Disney Channel Ears (Copper, Duchess, Rapunzel...
  16. Cam

    HM Master Gracie's Grandfather Clock

    Hello everyone:Pokemon1: I'm trading HM Master Gracie's Grandfather Clock. Looking at all offers (I'm interested in credits & clothing). If you have a current clothing trade forum, feel free to PM it to me! I may have missed it. Thank you for your time!
  17. deftones7

    Haunted Mansion outfit / Black dress princess

    Hey guys, looking for some simple stuff. Hit me up if you are willing to trade Will give appropriate credit and even extra for the effort :Pokemon1: Thank you!!
  18. waterfallglow

    How to play HM on new client?

    So.. I tried playing HM for the first time since the new client came out. I noticed that I am have trouble moving my character around cause lag maybe? Not sure if the lag is from my computer or not or new client. Also, I noticed you can't click CTRL key to use your vacuum to get ghosts. Only...
  19. celestialsid

    LF a bunch of stuff :) (updated 5/13/2018)

    hey there friendz! i've been looking around and found a lot of different outfits and clothing items that i'd absolutely love to get my hands on. :) here is a list of everything i'm interested in buying at the moment, please hit me up if you're interested in selling any of these items to me and...
  20. tinyflower

    LF some thangs

    Hi guys I'm making my return to the game now that it's available for Mac! Here's what I'm looking for, name your prices: Clothes Any Star Wars clothing Winnie the Pooh Crop Top T-Shirt Floral Marie Sweater Red Baseball Cap Angel Halo Elsa's Winter Shoes Pins BB-8 Left & Right Any other SW pins...