1-800-GOT-JUNK -- Buying your unsellables!

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Hey you got stuff in your inventory you don't want that isn't really a hot seller?! Having trouble getting someone to buy your items?? Has your trade post been sitting there for months with no nibbles?! I will buy your junk!
Here's how it works:
I will buy grab bags of items, so lump all your items together and find the category to see how much you will get paid! (Clothing and furnishings only; pins can be added in if you want to get rid of them but will not be included in pricing your items.)
1-5 items - 1k
6-10 items - 2k
11-15 items - 3k
16-20 items - 4k
21-30 items - 5k
31-40 items - 6k
41-50 items - 7k
51-60 items - 8k
61-70 items - 9k
71-80 items - 10k
81-90 items - 11k
91-100 items - 12k
100+ items - pm me

Here's an example. Suzy is getting rid of 3 pumpkin chairs and 1 blue head phone = her total is 1k!
Chandler is getting rid of 6 starry flats and 5 whimsical cheetah pins (since pins don't count) his total is 2k!

*Will not accept items sold in shops*

** eggs are accepted but have special price and are not included with other items in pricing - 1-10 eggs is 1k, 11-30 eggs 2k, 31-50 eggs 3k, 51-70 eggs 4k, 71+ eggs 5k ; opened crates follow similar pricing**

Reach me on discord or dm on forums. Thank you!
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Pineapple obsessed
since has then been so popular, and to keep this going so everyone can get rewarded, i have updated the prices as of 12:10pm EST. sorry for the inconvenience.
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