Any poets here? Let's see some poetry.

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    *Not written by me but I think this part of a poem is beautiful that I recently came across again.

    Can storied urn or animated bust
    Back to its mansion call the fleeting breath?
    Can Honour’s voice provoke the silent dust,
    Or Flattery soothe the dull cold ear of Death?
    Perhaps in this neglected spot is laid
    Some heart once pregnant with celestial fire;
    Hands that the rod of empire might have swayed,
    Or waked to ecstasy the living lyre.
    But Knowledge to their eyes her ample page
    Rich with the spoils of time did ne’er unroll;
    Chill Penury repressed their noble rage,
    And froze the genial current of the soul.
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    Jul 22, 2016
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    Here is my poem "Fantastically Sugaries":

    I fell into a cookie jar
    I tumbled down into the pit
    The walls were lined with gummy worms
    And lights of starburst squares were lit

    My dress was changed into a mess
    Of sticky skittle rainbow goo
    My hair was cotton candy curls
    And shoes were bubblegum to chew

    Then I reached the bottom of
    The jar which flowed into a stream,
    A stream of swimmy swedish fish
    And honey waves of foam whipped cream

    Some cupcake sheep flocked on a hill
    And bonbon buffalo licked icing grass
    The air was scented with sugar flakes
    With cinnamon winds blowing past

    I flew a kite of chocolate cake
    And blew bubbles from brownie batter
    And when fireworks of pop rocks burst,
    Watch out for the candy splatter

    There are houses of crumbly cookies
    And dripping candy apple trees,
    There's snow storms of powdered sugar
    Where you'll need lollipop skis

    I love this world of sweets galore
    In fact, I think that I will stay
    I'll be a sweet tooth citizen
    And I'll eat sugar every day!
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    What's Pooh without Piglet?
    Minnie without Mickey?
    Cinderella without her Prince?
    Thats like me with no you.
    When Dumbo's ears shrink
    and i can't help but think
    "Are happily ever afters really true?"
    That's when i will stop loving you <3
    (I did this awhile ago its a rewrite of a famous poem)
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