Any poets here? Let's see some poetry.


i don't know
i love writing poetry.
i mostly just post them on tumblr.
heres some, they're pretty depressing,
but that's how i best express myself through words.
(click on them to read them hehe)

i was quite tired when i wrote this, however i love it.
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this one is about the tattoos given to the Jewish people in the Holocaust. it was for an English assignment.
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this one was for the same assignment, however about the concentration camps.
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i like this one, idk.
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this was 4 my english class its very bad pls dont touch me

I am very sorry that my words aren't sunsets,
or blue skies, or blossoming flowers.
I am sorry that my words aren't painted yellow like the midday sun,
or the most beautiful, deepest blue

Maybe I'm blessed, that on a good day,
my words are the smell of rain, or second-hand smoke,
or fallen leaves.
Painted grey with numbness, or left blank in fear they'd be destroyed.

But on most days, my words crawl like worms and maggots,
giving out the sound of broken strings, chaining me down like shackles.
Not marked in any shade, as if there's no trying.
Or maybe the paint's just dried up.

& though I apologize, there is little guilt you see,
as i am cursed, with many others like me,
that our words reflect on whats inside.
but the mirror's cracked, & anyway,
most days,
dont we all just feel like dirt?
Blehh idk, but i love writing.

Stare at me.
Judge me.
You know nothing of me.
You don't know the lies.
Or the nights I've cried.
You don't know the burdens I carry.
You dont know of him.
Or of what he did.
I was only just a kid.
No one deserved this.
You speak before you think.
All you care about is how far you can make me sink.
You've never said a word to me.
Yet you think you know my history.
Do you really know anything about me?
I am more than just the name I have.
Isn't this just sad.
Could you be more condescending?
Do you even know the people you are befriending?
You all spread rumors just for kicks.
Never suffer consequences.
Everyone falls for your tricks.
Isn't it just sick?
You don't care who you affect.
But who's to say it wont happen to you next?
i have done 2 so far most of the time words just get in my head i try to put something together but sometimes i just forget the words and it never gets down on paper :( this one was the first one i even tried to do
I'm screaming in my head but you will never know

Since it never comes out

I cry when I'm alone but you will never know

I have leaned to be silent

The words are trapped deep and sometimes

I don't speak but you will never know

What it is I wish to say

Keeping my head low and looking away

It's not that important to say

Who I am and how I feel what does it matter

I'm just a little girl to you
this one is the other one i did and its been months since i have ever done another
You put your arms around me and act like you like me but then you hurt me,

I fake a smile and pretend that I'm ok when inside I'm crying

you kiss me and act like you like me but then you hurt me again

again I pretend that I'm ok but inside everything feels like its falling apart

you sit there and cause me pain and tears not even wanting to me my friend what do you want from me?

Time after time I ask mysalfe what's wrong with me and I finally know what's going on.

this was all one big game to you and I was nothing more then a toy
i go to FictionPress to post but if anyone has a better place i would love to hear about it
Behind the bars, the monster lives.
against the wall, the monster digs
the longer it waits the longer it feels
the sweet taste of freedom becoming more real


A Modern Vampire of the City
The Myocardial Infarction

The heart debilitates
Although not always lethal but often detrimental
Nuerons, axons, and dendrites detach with ease
The atrium sighs with his last breath of recognition
The soldiers have precluded their service
They prepare for a new time
Where this infarction is not but an atom in a vast galaxy
A time where infinity cannot be measured through the conscious mind
i love writing poetry.
i mostly just post them on tumblr.
heres some, they're pretty depressing,
but that's how i best express myself through words.
(click on them to read them hehe)...
I actually love these, they're short and sweet.
heres a quick 1

^ honhonhon


myVMKPal Creator
myVMKPal Creator
The House

Im free.
I can feel the sand between my toes.
The crash of the waves on the shore.
And yet it calls.
The house on the corner of Broad Street and Apple Drive.
It calls to me like the words of a book.
Ashley. Ashley. The name, over and over and over.
I wonder if they will miss me. I ask to myself.
Every day.
Feet shuffling forwards, towards the ancient woodwark.
The old stairs creak and groan, someone trying to escape.
Slowly the doors open, exposing the dust from years long ago.
A rocking chair never touched.
A gust blows through the window, urging me forwards.
Urging me forwards.
A voice calling from inside, screaming for repentance.
No one hears.
With footsteps not to awake, the hallways end becomes clear.
The washtub, crystal clear through the dust.
A face. Staring back from the mirror.
Its not my own. The face of an angel.
The voices cowers in agony, as the door blows shut.
I am free.

Usually I don't like sharing my writing.. So.. Hopefully it's good? XD
We have been burned to ash and let ourselves be lost in the starry night. Letting heavy concrete words break us apart and shatter our precious pieces leaving existence and our hearts behind believing ourselves to be monsters. In the wind our voices sing, our throats burn with our pleading hopes that we’d find one another. In the wake of fire we waited there in the burning forest our fingers intertwined and our roots began to wither.
To love
To hold
To kiss you once more
To cry
To ache
To bleed from the pain of existing without one another
Without you I have truly lost myself
To exist merely with space reflecting in my eyes hoping the skies would create something more of this world and yet it has not. In the stardust we etched our vows and let them be blown away to create something greater than our love. Yet my throat burns as my lips struggle to let lose your name. I have let myself become an amalgam of pain and my colors fade away. My heart shattering apart while I screamed upwards for two fallen lovers to be found believing they never would, perhaps they never will.
Could I hold your heart forever?Perhaps merely in space among the stars burning endlessly far in the skies creating beauty in my pain for all the world to see.
In the wake of fire we wait, Clutching one another as though we were precious gems. To love to hold to kiss and cry with one another we hold this dear to ourselves because they make us whole.
I saw you in my dreams on the train I know would lead me to you. Could I muster up a fight? Could I find you there. Do you miss me as I miss you. I sat there on the train clutching onto the gift I got you. Do you remember me? Or shall I dive into the ocean only to emerge from it a withered self once more?
Will you find me?
Will you love me?
Will you complete me?
Do you know my words have traveled the ends of the earth to kiss your ears with the words I love you?
Can I keep you? Will you keep me?
I have lived in hell but I have always found heaven in your arms.
Will you free me? please....