Back to Basics Month! SHARE YOUR IDEAS!


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The next month's theme was just announced by @HOST_Nala where MyVMK will be doing mostly rereleases for the month of May, as it will be the 15th Anniversary of the opening of the original game (May 23rd, 2005 marks the initial release date for VMK). The MyVMK Staff members will also take this time to work on fixing things in-game. That being said they are looking to hear from the players on what we would like to see make a come back during this Back to Basics month!



I am going to start with some of my own ideas that I had in mind along with some ideas that other players have already suggested in Discord! Feel free to share your own ideas on what you would like to see released next month! :)

Cowboy Outfits
Cowboy Pants​
Epcot Room​
Animal Safari Lounge Room​
Tron Room​
Baseball Room​
Carpet Magic​
Traditional Mickey Ears​
Golden Mickey Ears​
Jungle Cruise Explorer's Tent Room​
Coral Magic​
Pirate Cannon Room​
Caribbean Town Square Room​
Photo Album stand/Photos​
Hidden Mickeys​
Gold Furniture​
Animator's Desk​
Invisibility Magic​
50th Celebration Quest Pin​
50th Celebration Director's Chair​
50th Celebration Mickey Lantern​
Animation Viewer​
Pirates of the Caribbean Well​
Fantasyland Quest Pin​
Disneyland Retro Penny Press​
Frontierland Wanted Poster​
Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter​
Adventureland Jungle Cruise Hippo Rug​
Pirate Insider Tour Pin​
Happiest Celebration On Earth Pin​
Mickey Mouse Television​
Golden Door Teleporter​
Inner-Space Suit Magic (Red Space Suit Magic)​
High School Musical Gym Guest Room​
High School Musical Piano​


Some Discord Members ideas that have already been suggested (not my ideas)​

Flats and Walls
Ned on a Stick
Halloween Items
Teleportation Magic​
Pink/Blue Princess Dresses​
High School Musical Items​
Anniversary Room​
Anniversary Room Competition​
Queen of Hearts Outfit​
Dream Ears​
Quest Kiosks​
Dream Shirts in various colors​
Dream Ears in various colors​
Soulless Inferno​
Narnia Items (Ice Throne, Ice Lamppost, Poster)​
Haunted Mansion Pins​
Bird Hat​

Feel free to share your own thoughts and ideas on what you would like to see released next month! :D
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other colors of space suit magic, red, pink, green. you could only get these color magic from in-park quests. Green was from the sword in the stone.

Autopia Offroad Pink+Blue Magic

Blue Deep Sea Diving Boots

Tiki Campfire- I'm not sure if this was very released in-game.

Captain's Quarters Poster

Finding Nemo Kelp Poster

Test Track Signs- deer crossing, detour, road closed

Just to name a few items :)
Royal Cloud Prop (W) :cloud9:
- Test Track Road Carpet Corner/Straight/Middle

Water Park I - Typhoon Lagoon spoiler/
Water Parks II - Typhoon Lagoon-
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IDK if this was already said, but Herbie outfit !