1. minchy

    LF Amy...

    Hoping that Amy will one day post on my wall... Day 1.
  2. Leafwing

    Og player, new player?

    I‘m an og player from back in the day, and I feel so old playing on here now, though I really don’t mind because I love the quests and collecting pins, and it’s nostalgic, but I’m curious, are most of you og or new players?
  3. Fruits

    Back to Basics Month! SHARE YOUR IDEAS!

    BACK TO BASICS MONTH The next month's theme was just announced by @HOST_Nala where MyVMK will be doing mostly rereleases for the month of May, as it will be the 15th Anniversary of the opening of the original game (May 23rd, 2005 marks the initial release date for VMK). The MyVMK Staff members...
  4. VanellopeVonSchweetz

    Your favorite / best way to get credits?

    Let me know your thoughts!
  5. ChillSquareKing

    looking for og teleport magic spell

    looking for og teleport magic spell . either buy it from you or trade lmk !!!!
  6. the.lol.girl10


    Just got a spurt of nostalgia cravings. It may be due to it being a Sunday... I started thinking about VMK again. I decided to get myself in an internet VMK hole; looking up why it closed again. Even though, I am fully aware of why it closed because I have read it so many times. I logged onto...
  7. starrry

    royals month!!

    looking for literally everything royals month!!! sadly i was busy & wasn't able to get any of the items :( comment below what you've got for sale & what you'd like for it!
  8. Cassandra

    Please close

    Beauty and the Beast Ballroom- 10k (sold) Pirate Canon- 10k (sold) Splash Mountain Bayou- 10k
  9. paperrmateLauren

    Glad to share the MAGIC <3

    Hi everyone! So I am not quite brand new...I started back at the end of August, so it has been over a month now. But I wanted to share a warm hello to everyone in the Kingdom! My name in game is paperrmate, however I just recently made a new account as everstar38 (my orignal vmk name). I was...
  10. MsDis

    LF Cowboy Hat

    Anybody have a cowboy hat for sale? I can offer you credits. LMK! Thanks!
  11. Nekoprincess

    Friends!! ^_^

    Hey guys Im really very shy and I find it hard to make friends lol. So I thought I'd make a post lol Silly I know! I just find it hard to find others with my interests. Lets talk about some!! I love vmk, ps4, anime, shopping, louis vuitton, hair and makeup, and cute kawaii things! <3
  12. alloadieu

    VMK Discord?

    Just joined discord and wanted to join the My VMK Discord...could someone share a link please? <3
  13. RockLobster

    LF: Captains Seagull Bird Hat Thing

    Hello, Mickeys and Minnies. Your favorite neighborhood RockLobster is LF that sweet, sweet bird hat. If you have and are willing to part ways I will make a generous offer! Also, go bucs.
  14. bethmarie

    LF 10 year anniversary ears and pin

    Had to work all day yesterday so didn't get on and get the ears and pin. Looking for these items in exchange for credits or I have stuff to trade if you are interested as well.
  15. Drich1996

    Memes for hire!

    Since MyVMK has closed for the week I have decided to open up my services for meme design! Customers should allow 1-2 business days for delivery and I'll cover the cost of shipping and handling. ;) Fees are determined by how funny I deem the meme to be: Top-tier memes=0 credits...
  16. Fix

    What was your most treasured item from original VMK?

    One of my favorite memories in the original VMK was when I finally got an item I had been wanting for so long! I never was able to get any of the ultra-rare items like stitch or sparrow, but all I really cared about getting were cute clothes! My most treasured clothing items were the blue mardi...
  17. AnimeLover

    VMK Pins: Actual Disney Park Pins?

    I'm a huge collector of both VMK Pins and actual Disney Pins that you can purchase at the Disney Parks/Sites. However, I have noticed that a lot of pins released on VMK are actual copies of pins you can buy at the actual parks. For example the Valentine's days pins, such as: Leia & Han " I love...
  18. T


    Hello all! I'm having issues when I log in using the download for Mac users. My inventory button won't work, nor my changing clothes. Also, when I got to trade with someone nothing loads. Any help would be much appreciated.
  19. Queen of Hearts

    Selling Few pairs of Birthday Ears

    I would like to get 20k for them, lemme know if u wanna buy XD