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The Real Fakes of Calabasas
LMK if interested! Items in bold are 50k and up

Albert Mystic Hat
Aloha Flip Hat
HnS Baseball Cap - Nala

Baseball Outfit (Red) (Hat, Shirt, Pants, and Shoes)
Black Leggings
Bunny Slippers - Blue
Bunny Slippers - Purple
Christmas Tree Hat
Civil War Glasses
Cowboy Hat - White
Cowboy Pants - Black
Cowboy Pants - Brown
Cowboy Sheriff Woody (Hat, Shirt, Pants, Shoes)
Alligator Crocs
Cropped Love Heart Hoodie - Lilac
Dapper Dan Outfit - Yellow (Hat, Shirt, Pants, Shoes)
Darth Vader Outfit (Hat, Shirt, Pants, Shoes)
Destiny Island Ears
Dumbo Ears
Dumbo Hat
Eeyore Floating Friend
Elena of Alvor Outfit (Hat, Top, Skirt)
Elsa's Crown
Explorer's Outfit - Red (2 Tops, Shorts)
Expedition Everest Outfit (Hat, Top, Shoes)
Finding Dory Outfit (Hat + Shirt)
Finding Nemo Outfit (Hat + Shirt)
Finding Dory Gerald's Bucket Hat
Fire Dancer Outfit (Top + Pants)
Gabriella's Sea Shell Top
Geri's Glasses
Ghost Top Hat
Haunted Mansion Outfit - Black (Top, Pants, Shoes)
Haunted Mansion Outfit - Pink (Top, Pants, Shoes)
Haunted Mansion Outfit - Green (Top, Pants, Shoes)
Haunted Mansion Outfit - Red (Top, Pants, Shoes)
Haunted Mansion Outfit - White (Top + Pants)
Heart Boxers
Heart T-Shirt
Hocus Pocus Mary Outfit (Top + Skirt)
Hocus Pocus Winnie Outfit (Top + Skirt)
Holiday Lights Headband
Hoodie - Team Penguin
Incrediboy Outfit (Mask, Top, and Pants)
Jeans Acid Wash
Jester Hat - Teal
Jiminy Cricket's Top Hat
Jolly Roger Hat
Jolly Roger Hat and Mask
Judge Frollo Hat
Kings Crown
LOTK - Adventureland Tank Top
LOTK - Fantasyland Tank Top
LOTK - Frontierland Tank Top
LOTK - Maine Street Tank Top
LOTK - Tomorrowland Tank Top
Leroy Hat
Lilo Bathing Suit Top
Lord Henry Mystic Hat
Love Heart Hoodie
Love Heart Leggings
Merida Outfit - Dark Blue (Arrow Hat, Top, Skirt)
Minnie Heart Top Hat
Mission Space Outfit - Green (Hat, Top, Pants, Shoes)
Monsters Inc Hard Hat
Monsters University Varsity Jacket Black
Mulan Outfit (Top + Skirt)
Mulan's Hair Comb
Mushu on Shoulder
Nick Wilde Outfit (Hat w/ Glasses, Hat w/o Glasses, Shirt)
Pegasus Hat
Peggy Carter Outfit (Hat, Top, Skirt)
Prince Ali's Outfit (Hat, Top, Pants, Shoes)
Prince Phillip Outfit - Blue (Top, Pants, Shoes)
Prince Phillip Outfit - Green (Top, Pants, Shoes)
Prince Phillip Outfit - Red (Top, Pants, Shoes)
Princess Jasmine's Tiara w/ Earrings - Teal
Pumpkin Tank Top
Sgt. Calhoun Outfit (Hat, Top, Pants, Shoes)
Straw Hat Gold
Sunglasses Valentines
T-Shirt Incredibles - Black
T-Shirt Galaxy Sun
T-Shirt Kaa
T-Shirt Incredibles - Red
Thanksgiving Hat
Turkey Hat
VMK Anniversary Ears
Wilderness Explorer Outfit - (Hat, Top, Shorts, Shoes)
HnS Tigger Ornament Ears
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Ariel Dress (Top + Skirt) (Silver Dress)
Destiny Island Ears
Elsa's Crown
Holiday Lights Headband
I'm probably too low on creds, but how much are you looking for each of these? :)


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I'm interested in Ariel mermaid top, Ariel dress, Flower crown rainbow, and White rabbit outfit.
Ariel Dress - 35k
Destiny Island Ears - 15k
Elsa Crown - 50k
Holiday Lights Headband - 15k
Could I get the Ariel Dress and Destiny Island Ears for 40k by any chance?
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