Hidden Mickey Quest


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It would be amazing if the hidden mickey quest would be incorporated back into the game :). I know the staff works hard and there are many new bugs with the new client, but I feel like this was a major part of the original VMK and should be on the task list!!
I second this idea!

Mx. Ryden

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THANK YOU for posting, yes it was the first thing I looked for when joining MyVMK! I've heard the reason it hasn't been done supposedly is that everyone knows the old locations. But pretty sure a) that's not the case esp with 50 around, b) you could pick new spots and c) even if you didn't it's such a beloved critical aspect of OG VMK, even if it's easy (like most quests are anyway) I think it'd be so appreciated to be brought back. I think it may help bring life to some of the empty dead public rooms, help people make new friends while going on the scavenger hunts, etc. And I so miss the old pins you'd win from hitting the milestones :)