1. Blop

    Escape from Phantom Manor - QUEST

    Welcome, foolish mortals, to the Phantom Manor. Do you think you can escape these chilling halls? I'm happy to debut my first quest on MyVMK. It's part quest, part ride-a-thon, part maze... all parts terrifying. This quest requires some knowledge of the Phantom Manor attraction located in...
  2. LadyMaresol

    Yesterday’s Sunday Quest items!!

    I’m looking for yesterday’s quest items, mainly the shoes. Please message me/reply or find me in game (LadyMaresol) if you’re trading them. Not sure how much they cost, so let me know how much you’re looking for!
  3. bluemax


    Hey guys
  4. mrsverrocchi

    Help! I'm looking for bat Magic

    I'm currently on a quest for Autopia road trip around VMK (difficult). I'm hoping I can borrow the magic and return it! Or buy the magic! Thank you <3
  5. GabriellaMusical

    Current Quests

    Hello everyone! :) I am just getting back into the game after a few year hiatus.. I remember a majority of the OG VMK quests and their start locations, but obviously not all of them are available in MyVMK. I am hoping someone can point me in the direction of a post that lists out all of the...
  6. D

    Space Quest (4/20)

    Hello During the space quest: task 3 asks you to enter the Sci-fi Drive in - COMPLETE task 4 asks you to collect 5 atoms - I've found 4 is there one hidden in the room? (1- to the right of the screen, 2- in the middle of the cars, 3 top of the room under poster, 4, under projection light. I...
  7. sarahslamee


    I'm stuck on part 6 - Make people dance by playing your favorite tune. I don't know how to play music because I don't see any mixer at the monorail. Is there something I'm missing or is the monorail incomplete?
  8. Beyonsay

    How to get Autopia quest car magics (not blue)

    Hi!! I just earned the blue car magic for completing the easy quest. When I return to the Autopia Quest Track and click quests, it asks me if i want to do the blue quest again. I want to earn red, yellow, pink and green. How do I do this??
  9. S

    Music Game + Adventure Through Inner Space Quest

    Happy Space Month! I'm trying to compete the Adventure through Inner Space Quest so get my spacesuit and I'm unable to do so because the music game seems to not be working. Please let me know what I should do, I really want to complete the quest!
  10. Mx. Ryden

    Unable to start Autopia quests past blue car

    I've completed the diving quest, blue car quest, licence, and space suit quests. I wasn't aware there were car quests past the blue/easy as my next button has never worked, but as the new specials with the magics are out and I can't buy them, I realized there are supposed to be other quests...
  11. A

    Autopia Road Trip around VMK Bug (Solved)

    I am on question 6 of 12, Where I am on main street. The goal is to collect atoms, but, you can't pick up 6 of the 7 atoms on the street. These six are right down the middle, where my character refuses to walk, I have tried exiting and rejoining. double clicking, and walking around each atom...
  12. markissdee

    Hidden Mickey Quest

    It would be amazing if the hidden mickey quest would be incorporated back into the game :). I know the staff works hard and there are many new bugs with the new client, but I feel like this was a major part of the original VMK and should be on the task list!!
  13. Danny_DeVito

    close please

    Thanks guys <3 -Close, please
  14. InkedAnimator


    HI, ALL! So, I had a fun idea for a quest I've been mulling over. I know there's a lack in quests that have been circulating besides the basic sets we have and I came up with an idea for a new quest! This quest would be dedicated to trivia about animation and Disney Animation in general? We...
  15. celestials

    Stuck on Autopia Road Trip Around VMK (Medium) ~ PLEASE HELP!

    I don't know what else to do. I am stuck on Task 6/13 on the Medium version of the Road Trip quest. My Task hint is: "Following the speed limit here will help you stay out of jail. Abide by the rules and keep on the trail." I've tried driving everywhere in Tomorrowland. Should I be going...
  16. carolynwonderland

    November Quests

    These were a blast and the prizes were all great. I had a lot of fun and learned a good bit too seeing as I only know about Walt Disney World. I would love to see more quests in game. Would you? Would you like to change anything about them?
  17. lunavida

    Rumors of Midnight Quest?

    Heyyyyy rumor mill is spinning that there might be a quest tonight at midnight, eastern time. Anyone heard anything??