let me see your tattoos/tattoo ideas

not mine, but this girl i watch on youtube has this and for some reason, i fell in love with it. unfortunately, it's hard to find tattoo artists who will do fingers, so i might do it on the side of my ribs. {ouch}
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I haven't done it yet because we are still trying to find a way to lift my dog's print from an ornament, but my brother and I plan on getting tattoos of her paw print with her name in memory of her. We both have struggled for years with anxiety and depression, and Mitzy was the best comfort to have during the good days and bad.
i dont have it yet and probally wont for a while but i wanna get this quote from alice in wonderland on my arm or maybe back.

and im also thinking about something like this either on my ankle or behind my ear.
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So I actually used to work at a tattoo shop a couple years ago. I got two tattoos whilst I worked there. I have lyrics from the song I'm named after "she is like a cat in the dark and than she is the darkness" on my ribcage and I plan on getting lyrics from the song my middle name is from on the other side (ribs suck so much for pain I just want it over with) my second tattoo is my favourite. Sorry the quality of the picture isn't there I haven't got a good one since colour was added. It's Alice through the looking glass but it's suppose to be my rendition! So that's me at 16 sitting at French vanity looking in and Alice is facing me in wonderland through the mirror. That's to symbolize all the changes I made in my life at that time like moving out on my own to rediscover myself. I felt like that's the time of my life that I had a transformation as a person just like Alice goes through. Recently I got a decent chunk of money though and I'll be getting my whole right arm sleeve done. There's a couple things I'll share but the rest I'm keeping secret from everyone I'm going to get a clock that says "even a broken clock is right twice a day" if it's black and grey I'll incorporate a portrait and a symbolic mandala. If it's old school tattoos it will be more like symbolic items in my life but I'm leaning more towards black and grey. I eventually want to go into tattooing although I work in makeup at the moment. I plan on having a body suit from my decollate downwards.

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Orange is for suicide prevention ribbon.
Purple is for epilepsy awareness ribbon.
Black is to match my soul, JK it has no real meaning.


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It's been way too long since someone posted here.
These are my currents:

I want sooooooo many more. I want to add onto my roses and eventually have a half sleeve on my left arm of just flowers, I also want a portrait of my cat, Hogwarts, and several Sailor Moon pieces on my thighs. And I want a sun and moon on the tops of my feet.
I really want something on my forearm too I just can't decide what.