Looking For Credits plz buy my stuff so i can buy other ppl's stuff

Discussion in 'Credit Trades' started by brownie, Oct 18, 2017.

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    i prefer u make the offers plz (=

    i'm also looking for a few clothing/pin/furni items here if u would rather trade those instead of or in addition to creds.

    Ariel Mermaid Top
    Baseball Cap Green
    Candy Corn Cat Ears
    Cheerleader Teal Skirt
    Cheerleader Teal Top
    Cowboy Black Pants
    Cowboy Brown Shirt with Vest
    Cowboy Grey Shirt with Vest
    Cowboy Red Shirt
    Cowboy Red Shirt with Vest
    Dapper Dan Blue Pants
    David's Swim Trunks
    Elf NPCECCC Hat
    Elf NPCECCC Pants
    Elf Prep & Landing Shoes
    Explorer's Green Jacket
    Explorer's Green Jacket with Camera
    Explorer's Khaki Jacket
    Explorer's Red Jacket with Camera
    Football Blue Player Pants
    Football Blue Player Shirt
    Football Green Player Pants
    Football Green Player Shirt
    Football Shoes
    Football Teal Player Pants
    Football Teal Player Shirt
    Ghost Top Hat
    Halloweentown Sora Pants
    Hank Hat
    Haunted Mansion Grey Jacket
    Haunted Mansion Pink Jacket
    Haunted Mansion White Pants
    Heartless Shoulder Pet
    Holiday Elf Green Hat
    Holiday Elf Purple Hat
    Jester Hat Teal
    Jingle Hat - Green
    Jingle Hat - Red
    Keyblade - Metal Chocobo
    Keyblade - Stick
    Jolly Holiday Hat
    LGBT Gay Ears
    Mardi Gras Beads - Purple
    Mickey Ears Orange
    Mickey Ears Purple
    Minnie Ears Candy Corn
    Minnie's Rock the Dots Shirt
    Mistletoe Hairclip
    Morph Floating Buddy
    Namine Wig
    Native American Vest
    Party Hat Gold & Purple
    Party Hat Teal & Yellow
    Party Hat Yellow & Purple
    Peggy Carter Hat
    Poison Apple Head
    Princess Black Hooped Skirt
    Shaak Ti Red Hat
    Shirt Plaid Light Blue
    Sorcerer Hat - Black
    Sorcerer Hat - Candy Corn
    Sorcerer Hat - Green
    Sorcerer Hat - Pink
    Sorcerer Hat - Purple
    Sorcerer Hat - Sunset
    Splash Mountain Cast Costume Bathing Suit Bottoms
    Splash Mountain Cast Costume Bathing Suit Top
    Stitch Space Helmet
    Stitch Tank Top
    Sunglasses - Valentines
    Superhero Orange Shirt
    Superhero Teal Shirt
    T-Shirt Girls - Pear Green
    T-Shirt Mickey Blue
    Terra Pants
    Terra Shoes
    Tera Top - Crop
    Terra Top - Long
    Terra Wig
    Thor Pants
    Typhoon Lagoon Shorts
    Typhoon Lagoon Surf Shirt
    Valentine's Day Sweater - Purple
    White Rabbit Ears

    Autumn Leaves
    Bamboo Wall Divider Green
    Bamboo Floor Orange
    Barrel Seat Green
    Baymax Action Figure
    Beach Towel - Kingdom Hearts
    Ben Ali Gator
    Black Cat
    Blue Headphone
    Blizzard Beach - Finish Line
    Candy Corn Carpet
    Casey Jr. Ride Car - Purple
    Casey Jr. Ride Car - Purple (it's actually green tho)
    Churro Cart
    Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage Chair
    Crate Coffee Table Orange
    Crate Coffee Table Red
    Crate Green Empty
    Dark Ride Mr. Toad's Wild Start
    Dark Ride Toy Story Start
    Disneyland Random Number Generator GOLD EDITION
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press GOLD EDITION
    Dory Floatie
    Egg - Angel
    Egg - BH6 Baymax
    Egg - Bambi
    Egg - Bolt
    Egg - Bunny
    Egg - Cri-ckee
    Egg - Fox and the Hound
    Egg - FrankenEgg
    Egg - Gingerbread Lighthouse
    Egg - Glass Slipper
    Egg - Golden
    Egg - Goofy
    Egg - Hatchling Baymax
    Egg - Judy Hopps
    Egg - Lucky
    Egg - Nala
    Egg - Orange Bird
    Egg - Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
    Egg - Patch
    Egg- Peggkin Orange/Purple
    Egg- Peggkin Yellow/Pink
    Egg- Pinocchio
    Egg - Pumba
    Egg - Reuben
    Egg - Roger Rabbit
    Egg - Sergeant Tibbs
    Egg - Simba
    Egg - Speckled
    Egg - Wreck-It Ralph Bunny
    Egg Polkadot - Blue
    Egg Shiny - Orange
    Eggsgardian Loki
    Eggvengers Thor
    Experiment 149 - Bonnie
    Experiment 150 - Clyde
    Experiment 158 - Finder
    Experiment 177 - Clip
    Experiment 199 - Nosy
    Experiment 221 - Sparky
    Experiment 223 - Glitch
    Experiment 248 - Belle
    Experiment 277 - Snooty
    Experiment 319 - Spike
    Experiment 523 - Slushy
    Experiment 600 - Woops
    Experiment 624 - Angel
    Experiment 625 - Reuben
    Experiment 627 - Evile
    Finding Nemo Pearl
    Gingerbread Crate Opened
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Magenta
    Halloween Spider Bag
    Halloween Stitch Bag
    Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree
    Heartless - Mushroom Purple
    Heartless - Mushroom White
    Herbie Couch
    Holiday Candle - Gold
    Holiday Candle - Red
    Holiday Candle - Green
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Magenta
    Hyacinth Mirror
    Ice Carpet
    Inside Out - Bing Bong Plush
    Kingdom Hearts Crate - Unopened
    Kali River Rapids Couch (2 Pieces)
    Lafitte's Tavern Sign
    Lilo & Stitch Rocket Chair
    Lucky Cat - Duchess
    Lucky Cat - Marie
    Lucky Cat - Toulouse
    Lumiere Menorah
    Mars Rock Large
    Mars Rock Small
    Marvel Plush - Ant-Man
    Marvel Plush - Black Widow
    Marvel Plush - Bucky
    Marvel Plush - Dr. Strange
    Marvel Plush - Drax
    Marvel Plush - Falcon
    Marvel Plush - Hawkeye
    Marvel Plush - Hela
    Marvel Plush - Hulk
    Marvel Plush - Mantis
    Marvel Plush - Nick Fury
    Marvel Plush - Peggy Carter
    Marvel Plush - Scarlet Witch
    Marvel Plush - Ultron
    Marvel Plush - Vision
    Marvel Plush - Wasp
    Memory Orb - Anger
    Memory Orb - Fear
    Memory Orb - Joy
    Memory Orb - Sadness
    Not So Scary Pylon
    Patch of Pumpkins
    Pumpkin Dining Chair
    Pumpkin Dining Table
    Pumpkin Side Table
    Recess Tire Chair
    SW Plush - Chirrut Imwe
    SW Rug - Empire
    SW Rug - First Order Rug
    SW Rug - Resistance Rug
    Spider Web Rug
    Spooky Sunset Wall Flat (set- 5 pieces)
    Stained Glass Rug
    Star Wars Death Star Carpet
    Steamboat Willie - Lifesaver
    Stocking - Boo
    Stocking - Rufus
    Stocking - Schweetz
    Swirly Christmas Tree - Small
    Tea Cup Seat Purple
    Traverse Town Sign
    Trespasser's Will Sign
    VMK Marvel Comic Crate
    VMK Marvel Comic Crate Empty
    Wooden Sword
    Zeros Gift

    Powerline Poster

    ChooChoo - Daisy
    ChooChoo - Donald
    ChooChoo - Goofy
    50th Celebration Quest Pin
    63rd Disneyland Anniversary Pin
    A Wrinkle In Time Pin
    Advent 2015 - Angel Kitty
    Advent 2015 - Kwanzaa
    Advent 2015 - Las Posadas
    Animators - Ariel
    Animators - Pocahontas
    Animators - Tiana
    Astronaut - Daisy Pin
    Astronaut - Donald Pin
    Astronaut - Goofy Pin
    Astronaut - Pluto Pin
    B&TB - Mrs Potts Pin
    BFF - Dodger & Oliver
    BFF - Mickey & Pluto
    BFF - Thumper & Bambi
    BFF - Tigger & Roo
    Blood Moon 2019 Pin
    Cancer Awareness Ribbon
    Chinese New Year - 2018 Little Brother
    Christmas 2018
    Christmas Gifts - Eight Maids a Milking
    Christmas Gifts - Partridge in a Pear Tree
    Christmas Gifts - Seven Swans a Swimming
    Christmas Gifts - Six Geese a Laying
    Christmas Gifts - Two Turtle Doves
    Cinco De Mayo - 2018
    Cinco De Mayo 2017
    Classic Minnie Mouse Pin
    Coal Dust
    Coco - Dante
    Country Bear Jamboree - Teddi
    Couples - Tarzan & Jane
    Cutie Pooh Christmas Pin
    Cuties - Bambi
    Cuties - Sulley
    Dia De Los Muertos Cat
    Disney Has Gone Fishy - Fish Out of Water Pin
    Disney Has Gone Fishy - Kuzco Whale Pin
    Disney Parks Animals - Henry
    Disney Parks Animals - Jose
    Disney Parks Animals - Ollie the Owl
    Disney Parks Animals - Sam the Eagle
    Disney Parks Animals - Splash Mountain Goose
    Dynamic Duos - Alice
    Dynamic Duos - Dinah
    Dynamic Duos - Flounder
    Dynamic Duos - Gus
    Dynamic Duos - Jaq
    Dynamic Duos - Ralph
    Dynamic Duos - Schweetz
    Earth Day 2017
    Easter 2017 Pin
    Easter Fools 2018 Pin
    Emblem - Nobody
    Enchanted Prince Pin
    Enchanted Princess 2 Pin
    Enchanted Princess Pin
    Enchanted Wicked Queen Pin
    Everest - (1/5)
    Everest - (4/5)
    Everest - (5/5)
    Fantasia Mickey & Stokowski Pin
    Fantasyland Cuties - Pinocchio
    Fathers Day 2017
    Fathers Day 2018
    Finding Dory - Nemo (1/6)
    Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - (3/5)
    Fourth of July - 2017
    HEROES - Black Bolt
    HEROES - Captain America
    HEROES - Iron Man
    HEROES - Spider-Man
    Hail Hydra
    Halloween 2017
    Hannukah 2018 Pin
    Happy Go Lucky Pin
    Hearts For Las Vegas Pin
    Hearts for Houston
    Hearts for Puerto Rico
    Heroine - Mulan
    Hocus Pocus Villain Spelltacular Pin
    Hong Kong - Tomorrowland
    Hotel III - DLP Disneyland Hotel
    Hotel III - DLP Hotel New York
    IASW Holiday - Cinderella
    Jungle Book - Baloo and Mowgli
    KH Pin- Kairi's Charm
    KH Pin - Munny Pouch
    KH Pin - Paopu Fruit
    KH Pin - Sea Salt Ice Cream
    KH Stained Glass - Cinderella
    Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Day Pin
    Labor Day 2018
    Lightsaber - Blue Left Tip
    Lightsaber - Blue Right Tip
    Lightsaber - Red Left Tip
    Lightsaber - Red Right Tip
    Lightsaber - Red Tip
    Lonesome Ghost
    Lump of Coal
    Martin Luther King Jr Day 2019
    Memorial Day - 2018
    Mickey Filigree
    Mickey Green Light Pin
    Mickey Mouse Club Pin
    Mood Mickey Pin - Sad
    Mother's Day - 2018
    Mulan 20th Anniversary
    MyVMK Bowl Winner 2017
    NBC 25th Anniversary
    NBC Toy Pin - Cat in the Box
    NBC Toy Pin - Jack -o'- Box
    NBC Toy Pin - Vampire Teddy
    NBC Toy Pin - Zombie Nesting Doll
    Name Tags - Disneyland Hong Kong
    Name Tags - Disneyland Paris
    Name Tags - Disneyland Shanghai
    Name Tags - Disneyland Tokyo
    National Grandparents Day 2017
    National Popcorn Day 2018 Pin
    New Years 2018
    OUAT Book Pin
    OUAT Pen and Ink Pin
    Ornament Locket - Blue
    Ornament Locket - Orange
    Pandora Anniversary Pin
    Pixar Fest 2018
    Pixar Sketch - Arlo
    Pixar Sketch - Dug
    Pixar Sketch - Mike
    Pixar Sketch - Nemo
    Presidents Day 2018 Pin
    Pumpkin Jack Skellington Pin
    Pumpkin Mickey Pin
    Pumpkin Pooh Pin
    Pumpkin Tinker Bell Pin
    Pumpkin Woody Pin
    Rescue Rangers Pin
    Revenge of the 6th - 2018
    Ride Pin - Mr. Toads Wild Ride
    Ride Pin - Peter Pans Flight
    Ride Pin - Winnie the Pooh
    Room Pin - Pirate Cannon
    Room Pin - Refreshment Corner
    Room Pin - Space Mountain
    Room Pin - Splash Mountain Bayou
    Room Pin - Tron
    SR - Gloyd
    Small World Animals - Giraffe
    Small World Animals - Moose
    Small World Animals - Penguin
    Snowman Jack Skellington
    Snowman Jiminy Cricket
    Solo: A Star Wars Story Pin
    Soul Dust
    Spooky - Daisy
    Spooky - Goofy
    Spooky - Pluto
    St. Patrick's Day - 2018
    Stained Glass Window - Anna
    Stained Glass Window - Aurora
    Stained Glass Window - Belle
    Stained Glass Window - Jasmine
    Stan Lee - Excelsior Pin
    Star Wars - Jabba Pin
    Star Wars Day - 2018
    Star Wars Quest 1 Logo Pin
    Star Wars Symbols - Galactic Republic
    Star Wars Symbols - Jedi Order
    Star Wars Symbols - Mandalorian
    Star Wars Symbols - Rebel Alliance
    Star Wars Symbols - Separtists
    Star Wars Vader Pin
    Steamboat Willie Pin
    Stitch - Experiment 062 Pin
    Stocking - Copper
    Stocking - Dumbo
    Stocking - Elliot
    Stocking - Tod
    Storybook - Cinderella
    Storybook - Enchanted
    Storybook - The Wind in the Willows
    Sugar Skull - Chernabog
    Sugar Skull - Facilier
    Sugar Skull - Hades
    Sugar Skull - Maleficent
    Superbowl 2017 Pin
    TV Logos - Disney XD
    TV Logos - Playhouse Disney
    TV Logos - Toon Disney
    Team Angry Donald's
    Team Fabulous Daisy's
    Thanksgiving 2017
    The Lucky Rabbit
    Toy Story Land Pin
    Tsum Tsum - Easter Mickey
    Tsum Tsum - Easter Minnie
    Tsum Tsum - Gurgi
    Tsum Tsum - Han Solo
    Tsum Tsum - Judy Hopps
    Tsum Tsum - Miss Bunny
    Tsum Tsum - Rey
    Tsum Tsum - Storm Trooper
    Tsum Tsum - White Rabbit
    Tsum Tsum Animals - Dinah
    Tsum Tsum Animals - Dormouse
    VMK Football - 2015
    VMK Football - 2016
    Valentine's Day Pin 2017
    Valentine's Pongo & Perdita Pin
    Valentines Day 2018
    Veteran's Day 2018 Pin
    Veterans Day 2017
    Water Ride - Living With the Land
    We Stand With Florida
    We Stand With Puerto Rico
    Winter Dreams - Crate Key
    Wreath - Minnie
    Wreath - Wayne and Lanny
    Yoda Pin
    item.3524(black KH pin)
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  2. melrose

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    Oct 17, 2017
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    How much for Winnie the Pooh crop top & oogieboogie hat?

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  3. brownie

    brownie Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    errr 7k for both maybe?
  4. melrose

    melrose Well-Known Member

    Oct 17, 2017
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    okie can we meet up so i can see what they look like first? :p I'm on rn
  5. brownie

    brownie Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    where can I meet u?
  6. spacedogmike

    spacedogmike Well-Known Member

    Oct 17, 2017
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    How much for cowboy shirt gray?
  7. melrose

    melrose Well-Known Member

    Oct 17, 2017
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    courtyard? (:
  8. Expect

    Expect Well-Known Member

    Dec 1, 2013
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    Hi How much?

    Captain Hook's Jacket
    Captain Hook's Pants
    Captain Hook's Shoes
  9. brownie

    brownie Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    11k maybe?
  10. kcoop

    kcoop Well-Known Member

    Oct 4, 2014
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    how much for minnie ears glitter?
  11. Lost.in.Fantasyland

    Lost.in.Fantasyland WDW Attractions CM, & a random katastrophe

    Oct 5, 2013
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    Good morning,

    May I ask how much your asking for the heart of Atlantis, Merida top, Sally boots, & Sally Skirt?
  12. Daisylou

    Daisylou Well-Known Member

    Jan 18, 2017
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    How much for this?
  13. MickiPeach

    MickiPeach Well-Known Member

    Dec 25, 2014
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    How much are you asking for the black pirate bandana? And each of the Minnie ears? Glitter or polka dots? Thanks!
  14. Jwick

    Jwick New Member

    Oct 20, 2017
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    how much for cowboy hat?
  15. brownie

    brownie Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    atlantis i paid 7k for bc it's a host prize. 3k for each of the others?
    uhhh 3.5k?
    last 2 glitter pairs went for 15k and 18k so I guess somewhere around there. bandana 3.5k? polka dot ears 5.5k?
    i think my last went for 5k so somewhere around there
  16. Rikudo

    Rikudo Well-Known Member

    Feb 27, 2015
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    still got zombie stitch hat?
  17. brownie

    brownie Well-Known Member

    Aug 30, 2016
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    yup. plz shoot me an offer if interested (=
  18. Dragonfly.

    Dragonfly. Anisoptera

    Sep 12, 2016
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    How much for Princess Hat Dark Purple?
  19. nmisale98

    nmisale98 Senior Member

    Oct 6, 2013
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    how much for baseball cap green
  20. Mitochondria

    Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

    Jan 6, 2015
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    How much for this?