sid's stuff & things 4 sale (updated 6/20)

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anything tickle your fancy? :)
let me know ty <3

FULL cheerleader blue outfit (top, skirt, shoes) 7k
FULL cheerleader teal outfit (top, skirt, shoes) 7k
FULL darla's outfit (sweater. skirt, retainer) 8k (on hold)
FULL elena of avalor outfit (top, skirt and hair pin) 7k
FULL green princess outfit (hat, top, skirt, shoes) 10k
FULL leia outfit (skirt, top) 8k
FULL merida gown outfit (top and bottom) 7k
FULL merida outfit (top and bottom) 7k
FULL miguel (mask, top, bottoms, boots) - 8k
FULL prince philip outfit (top, pants, shoes) 8k
FULL rey outfit (top, pants, shoes) 10k
FULL slave leia outfit (top, skirt) 8k
FULL tom lucitor outfit (hat, shirt, pants, shoes) 8k
FULL wilderness explorer outfit (hat, shirt, shorts, shoes) 10k

agent P fedora 5k
ariel's hair flower 4k
earmuffs (green, purple, red) 3k
geri's glasses 4k
hannah montana wig 5k
king's crown 5k
minnie shamrock ears (st patties day) 3k
monster's university baseball cap 8k
mushu (sits on your shoulder) 5k
pastel mickey ears (green, purple, yellow, pink) 5k
ray firefly hat (floats above your head) 5k
scrooge mcduck hat 5k
twi'lek hat (blue) 5k
white rabbit ears 4k
yzma's hat 8k

blue and lilac bunny slippers 2k
cowgirl pale yellow shirt 3k
day and night tanktop 4k
holiday elf jacket (green, purple, red) 3k
lilac hoodies 3k
monster's university sweater 5k

1x SW poe 1k
1x SW kylo 1k
3x SW rey 1k
2x anna 1k
2x belle 1k
2x elsa 1k
2x rapunzel 1k
1x tv logos - disney junior 1k
2x tv logos - disney XD 1k
10x tv logos - playhouse disney 1k
5x tv logos - toon disney 1k
6x tv logos - zoog disney 2k
10 luxo ball 1k each
1x hannah montana golden microphone pin 7k
1x i know - leia 1k
1x i love know - han solo 1k
10x jabba 500c
12x pixar sketch - arlo 1k
2x pixar sketch - bullseye 3k
7x pixar sketch - dug 1k
7x pixar sketch - mike 1k
9x pixar sketch - nemo 1k
1x room pin - tatooine (day) 9K
1x room pin - tatooine (night) 9k
2x galactic republic 3k
2x mandalorian 1k
1x separatists 1k
1x rebel alliance 3k
1x phil of the future 3k
3x stained glass - anna 2k
3x stained glass - aurora 2k
2x stained glass - jasmine 2k
2x stained glass - belle 2k
1x SW quest set (rogue storm trooper, vader, darth maul) 8k each or 24k for all
1x stocking copper 500c
3x stocking dumbo 500c
1x stocking elliot 500c
2x stocking tod 500c
1x stocking stitch 30k
2x tsum tsum - ahsoka tano 1k
5x tsum tsum - C3PO 2k
1x tsum tsum - chewbacca 2k
3x tsum tsum - ewok 1k
4x tsum tsum - finn 1k
1x tsum tsum - han solo 2k
7x tsum tsum - luke skywalker 2k
6x tsum tsum - princess leia 2k
2x tsum tsum - R2D2 3k
5x tsum tsum - rey 2k
4x tsum tsum - yoda 2k
4x tsum tsum - miguel 1k
1x valentine's 2018 yoda pin 2k

1x angel kitty 3k
4x animated lightsaber - green 2k
2x BB-8 2k
10x brave spell cake 100c
5x brave tarts 100c
13x candlelit walkway 500c
1x snow globe - frozen ship 1k
1x snow globe - gingerbread house 1k
2x snow globe - gloria 1k
1x snow globe - i want a hippo for christmas 1k
2x snow globe - rey 2k
1x snow globe - the santa clause 1k
2x dagobah swamp rug 250c
3x dagobah swamp stump 250c
7x dante 2k
103x cri-ckee egg 100c
71x feggment egg 100c
122x gingerbregg lighthouse egg 100c
30x kakamora egg 1k
114x oswald the lucky rabbit egg 100c
109x peggasus egg 100c
122x sergeant tibbs egg 100c
113x wreck it ralph bunny egg 100c
114x wreck it ralph kitty egg 100c
124x eggvengers black panther egg 100c
119x eggvengers spider-man egg 100c
1x full giant snowman (head, torso, butt) 10k
1x glass slipper seat - pocahontas 6k
2x small lily pad 2k
4x luxo ball 500c
1x magenta heart chair 2k
5x memory orb - anger 750c
3x memory orb - disgust 750c
2x memory orb - fear 750c
2x memory orb - joy 750c
2x memory orb - sadness 750c
3x mulan's teapot 1k
2x pearl 1k
13x planet hoth 250c
2x recess tire chair 500c
3x SW carpet death star 2k
1x santa pegasus plush 4k
1x snowgie 3k
1x snowman kids 3k
1x SW plush - admiral ackbar 500c
5x SW plush - ahch-to-caretaker 500c
3x SW plush - bantha 500c
3x SW plush - baze malbus 500c
3x SW plush - bodhi rook 500c
1x SW plush - C-3PO & R2-D2 1.5k
1x SW plush - captain phasma 500c
7x SW plush - cassian ador 500c
5x SW plush - chewie 1k
4x SW plush - chirrut imwe 500c
2x SW plush - darth maul 2k
1x SW plush - ewok 1k
1x SW plush - jabba 1k
5x SW plush - jar jar binks 1k
2x SW plush - jawa 500c
1x SW plush - jyn erso 500c
2x SW plush - maz kanata 500c
1x SW plush - obi-wan kenobi 2k
1x SW plush - palpatine 500c
3x SW plush - poe dameron 1k
1x SW plush - qui gon jinn 2k
3x SW plush - rose tico 500c
1x SW plush - stormtrooper 2k
5x SW plush - taun taun 500c
8x SW plush - vulptex 500c
1x SW plush - wampa 500c
2x SW plush - yoda 1k
1x vmk big christmas tree 5k
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Is your full sis bunny outfit still available? :3
yes darling! let me know when you'd like to meet :)[DOUBLEPOST=1525549118][/DOUBLEPOST]
is this still available?
yes love :)[DOUBLEPOST=1525549157][/DOUBLEPOST]
Are any of your pastel mickey ears still available?
And I'd LOVE your "I Know" Han Solo pin!!
yes love! i have a pair of all the pastel ears available and i'd be happy to sell you my han solo pin! :)[DOUBLEPOST=1525549398][/DOUBLEPOST]
I'd like the Full Rey Outfit :)
sure dear! lemme know when you wanna meet :)


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yes darling! let me know when you'd like to meet :)[DOUBLEPOST=1525549118][/DOUBLEPOST]
yes love :)[DOUBLEPOST=1525549157][/DOUBLEPOST]
yes love! i have a pair of all the pastel ears available and i'd be happy to sell you my han solo pin! :)[DOUBLEPOST=1525549398][/DOUBLEPOST]
sure dear! lemme know when you wanna meet :)
Im on now playing some POTC! I can meet whenever you are free as I'll be on all weekend probably.
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