Value Check on some things!

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It would be amazing if someone created a master Value Check ;)
I realize this is A LOT of stuff, my bad. I expect not all to be answered.
If you're interested in any of this, we can talk about it.

Anyway, looking for values on these items:
Room Pin:

Space Mountain
Rapunzel's Tower
Beauty & The Beast Ballroom
Winter Wonderlalnd
Haunted Mansion Conservatory Holiday
One Million Dreams
Donald's Sorcerer
Peter's Lost Boy
Rapunzel's Floating Lanterns
Tink's Mischievious
One Million Dreams Celebration
Tsum Tsums
tsum tsum- Sven
tsum tsum- Remy
tsum tsum- Lotso
tsum tsum- Sully
tsum tsum- Mike
tsum tsum- Cheshire Cat

Misc Pins
Spooky- Mickey
Pirate's Life- Stitch
Pirates- Captain Mickey
Pirates- Mickey's Reward
Pirates- Minnie's Reward
Sugar Skull- Hades
Sugar Skull- Sally
The Black Cauldron
True Love's Kiss
Christmas Angel Pin
Centaurette 6/6 Pin
Couples- Charming and Cinderella
Couples- Aladdin and Jasmin
Couples- Shang and Mulan
Couples- Eric and Ariel
Cute Villains - Ursula
Cute Villains - Hades
Cute Villains - Evil Queen
Cute Villians - Cruella
Hawaiian Stitch Pin

Anna's Coronation Full
Holly Jolly Flip
Sparky Hat
Cowboy pants - Black, Brown, and Denim
White Cowboy Boots
Cowgirl Jessie Top
Cowgirl Jessie Hat
Duffy Hat
Darth Vader Full
Elsa's Coronation full W/ crown
Elsa's Winter Dress Full
Evil Queen's Crown
Explorer's Boots
Eugene Fitzherbert Full
Flora's Hat
Flip Flops Polka Dot red
Flip Flops Orange Hauted
Haunted Mansion Maid (w/o shoes)
Haunted Mansion Black Full w/ Hat
Haunted Mansion Blue Pants
Haunted Mansion Blue Shoes
Haunted Mansion Pink Jacket
Haunted Mansion White Jacket
Haunted Mansion White Pants
Haunted Mansion Bride Full
All 3 Hocus Pocus Dresses
Holiday PJs Reindeer Full
Holiday PJs Snowman Full
Holiday Elf Red Jacket
Holiday Elf Purple Jacket
Jack Skellington (w/o shoes)
Jasmine's Purple Full
Jedi Chewie Male Vest
Jedi Yoda Female Vest
Jedi Yoda Male Vest
Lilo Full
Merida Top
Mickey Ears 60th Celebration
Mickey Ears Haunted Mansion
Mickey Ears R2 D2
Mickey Ears Mousketeer
Mickey Ears Ournament
Miss Bunny Hat
Mission Space Black Full
Mission Space Pink (w/o Helmet)
Moana's Headress
Super Hero Orange Full
Super Hero Teal Full
Vanellope Full

Yzma - 3 star
4th of July Fireworks - 4 star
Incredibles- Dash 1 star
Incredibles- Violet 2 star
Drink me- 2 star
Turn Into Bat- 1 star
Snowfall- 1 star

Jack Jack
Egg- Cheshire Cat (animated)
p&tF Eudora's Sewing Machine
Snowglobe- Aurora
Snowglobe- BB8
Snowglobe- Frozen Ship
Snowglobe - Cinderella's Christmas Castle
Animator's Desk & Chair
Tron Arcade Cabinet
Tron Table Red
Fix it Felix Junior Arcade Cabinet
Pop Corn Cart
Spryte Machine
W&W Machine
Ice Cream Cart
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I sold my Haunted Mansion Conservatory Holiday room for 20k, I bought 1* dash magic for 30k-ish, I've seen one million dreams pins for 2-4k each, and one million dreams celebration for 10k. Hope that helps a little :)
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