What was your most treasured item from original VMK?


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One of my favorite memories in the original VMK was when I finally got an item I had been wanting for so long! I never was able to get any of the ultra-rare items like stitch or sparrow, but all I really cared about getting were cute clothes! My most treasured clothing items were the blue mardi gras mask, pink beret, 4th of July hat, and gold Mickey ears. Especially with the gold ears, I remember strutting my stuff around the kindgdom, feeling like I was all that and just feeling so proud!

What about you? What were some of your most treasured/favorite items in the original VMK?

PS (if anyone is selling the items I mentioned above I would be stoked to buy them from you!)


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My most treasured item was probably my original inferno. I met Yavn and his team at VMK Central in WDW one year right before Christmas. They were all in the parks for the launch of the Christmas quest that year. We spent close to an hour talking with him and his team and they gave us each two sets of the Christmas quest cards before the quest was officially released. He had also written down our character names and when we got home from that trip there was an inferno pin in each of our inventories. My second favorite was probably the original sparrow outfit. I remember playing that game for codes for weeks until I finally got a code for the outfit.


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My most prized possession was my captains couch. I got it in wdw. I had a bunch of cool stuff, but that was my absolute favorite.


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My minnie hat. Still is my favorite in-game item hands down.

my bird hat and gold space pants!! When I joined MyVMK my bird hat and pink spacesuit were one of the first items I obtained


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mine was definitely bird hat, flip hat, princess minnie and when I got green explorer pants on one of the very last days of the game
I worked and traded so long and hard for flip hat and when i finally got that, I worked hard for princess minnie--the next step up