Unable to start Autopia quests past blue car

Mx. Ryden

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I've completed the diving quest, blue car quest, licence, and space suit quests. I wasn't aware there were car quests past the blue/easy as my next button has never worked, but as the new specials with the magics are out and I can't buy them, I realized there are supposed to be other quests offered. I've relogged, cleared cache, re-entered the quest track room and have tried different instances. The next/previous button does nothing, and it only shows me the blue option, which if I try to start it obviously states I've completed that quest. I have no current quests started/I've completed the rest, and as much as I can still hunt someone down who's completed the quests to trade the magics for my credits (I hope? i've yet to try, it may not allow me which would be yikessss), I'd really like to be able to have access to the quests. Wondering if there's anyone else with this issue or what I can possibly do to fix it, preferably before the specials are gone. Thank you!


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I too have run into this issue. Never realized I did not finish. I did blue but it will not let me go any farther. Probably would not have noticed if it were not for space month :)

Mx. Ryden

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@Littlebelle Yes I know of at least a few other people with the same problem. :/

Also realized they aren't tradeable (I bought one too many blue cars, oops), as well as that the magics are NOT a part of the temporary weekly specials. Ofc I realize this long after I blow a ton of credits :/ Wishing there was a list of the weekly specials not just a vague photo, as a newer player I didn't realize the dive/drive/suit magics were always in the inner space shop. Someone finally keyed me in at least, most people I talked to didn't know either.

And as an update to this for those affected,
There was a reply about it from QA_Rufus in the discord that as of the beginning of last month, you can't access the progressively harder track quests. Due to the busy nature of last month it didn't have a chance to be looked into. Now that they're back in November they should be able to look into it more.

So at least the magics are #1 permanently in shop and #2 it's been brought a bit more to their attention. Hopefully it'll be fixed soon, as I reallly love quests and would like to see more *cough*hiddenmickeys*cough*