Black/Pirate Crate Prizes


It all started with a Mouse
anyone trading black shorts ?
I got a pair you are more than welcome to. Name your price, they are yours.

Black, black, black....oh, and more black. What a waste of 10,000 credits :P
I opened 38 crates to get everything that has been found so far. Here are the totals:

4x Coffee Table Crate Black
1x Pirate Throne Pewter - Black
4x Babydoll Dress Black
2x Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Pants
3x Captain Jack Sparrow's Black Vest
1x Dreams T-Shirt Black
2x Fisherman's Cap Black
6x Pirate Bandanna Black
2x Pirate Scarf Black
2x Pirate Shoes Black
3x Princess Black Bodice
3x Princess Black Hooped Skirt
1x Princess Black Slippers
3x Princess Hat Black
2x Shorts (black)

Not sure if there's much of a difference in rarity. Hope this can help somebody figure it out. :halcyon:


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black is my favorite color i feel so blessed


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I didn't mean to be rude.
It just stinks that a lot of people worked really hard for full sparrow, and now you can essentially buy the exact same costume (the only difference being the buckle color) for 250.
Sure, it may of made a lot of people struggling with earning those items happy. And I for one am certainly happy for the addition of black shorts and a few of the other items, but you have to understand how hard many people worked for their sparrow pieces. It's kind of like a slap in the face...
I'm sorry if it seemed like I was being disrespectful, I appreciate that you guys took the time to create new items and a new crate for us to play with. But what's the point in earning keys from pirates anymore if you can buy almost the exact same costume?
Like I'm not actually sure if the silver buckle is the original or the recolored one.

I am sorry if I upset you or anyone else.