Foods you hate that everyone else seems to love


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Out of curiosity, what are some foods that you despise that everyone else seems to love? As for me, it's avocado/guacamole - I'll eat it if it's in something and too much of a pain to dig out, but I don't understand why perfectly good sushi is always soiled with some mushy green stuff.

I also don't like bananas. And raw tomatoes are the scourge of the universe (I'm fine with tomato sauce/sun-dried tomatoes, just not raw).


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I cannot stand celery in any way shape or form.
Also I hate peanut butter. I'm originally not from the states and where i'm from peanut butter really isn't a thing and I never liked it...
I'm extremely picky so I'll just name a few...
Ketchup, mustard, burgers, pickles, tomatoes, seafood, sushi, mushrooms, steak, beef, turkey, bacon, bananas, sausage, pepperoni, burritos, tacos, etc.
Soda/Pop whatever you call it. I don't have a preference because I don't drink it. I can't do carbonated beverages.... the bubbles hurt my tongue.... :blush: