Random Acts of Kindness!

I also would like to nominate @Midien . She is always kind and ready to help. <3
I second this! she was extremely kind and helpful when I had issues getting the game to work and has shown kindness in multiple ways to multiple different players.
I want to nominate Matty. I was STRUGGLING to get the 90 ghosts in HM for the quest. He was sitting in the lobby helping player after player crush this goal. Several players in the lobby were already singing his praise, and after he helped me, I was too. Thank you so much, Matty!
I would like to second this nomination! Matty is such a nice person and he always does such a wonderful job of helping people, especially during quests. Thanks so much for always being so lovely, Matty! :)
Id like to nominate @xFantasyFelicityx . She is a wonderful member to the MyVMK community, and shows everybody incredible kindness. Whether it be playing games, talking about Animal Crossing, or at another player's auction room, Felicity is always in the most bubbly mood and it radiates across the room.
Aww, Laz! You're the absolute sweetest! I'd like to nominate @Lazarus back because they're always nice and encouraging, and they're very supportive of their friends, whether that is playing their games or going to their auctions or just hanging out in their rooms. Laz is always there, and it means so much! Plus, they make me laugh to no end! :) <3


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I'd like to nominate @sammyxx20 for being the sweetest ever. She so welcoming and friendly whenever myself, and anyone enters a room. And she never fails to ask you how you're doing! She is a perfect example of how everyone in the community should act! A true sweetheart and I wish more people could be like her! <3
Woot :) I won the Random acts of kindness pin this month and just wanted to thank everyone that took the time to nominate me and to thank you all again for your kind words <3 Very much appreciate this!
Congratulations, Midien!! You so deserve this award <3
you definitely do!! <3


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i want to nominate @Purr because she is a real hero. she doubled my offer for an item I realllyyyy want in game because she knew how much I wanted it, and it is hard to find. #crownthehero


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I would like to nominate @SunshinyCashew for being really kind, very sweet, and giving without asking for anything in return. He’s helped me many times last month get the full trading pins set from the host event because I mentioned that they look beautiful. Then he helped me again by adding to my offer to get butterfly wings, and then he also helped a close friend to both of us get a hat that he’s been wanting for a really long time. He’s a sweet, kind, and genuine person and I really thinks he deserve this recognition. <3
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I would like to nominate @Neocissa for being so approachable, patient and helpful. I cannot count the number of times I have reached out to her to get a value check on an item/see what an item looks like - I only just discovered ::discordtrade *facepalm* - and she is always happy to answer and guide me in the right direction! She has taken me under her wing and checks up on me in auctions to make sure I don't overbid and when I do make a bad trade, she goes above and beyond to help me find a solution. Thank you Neo. You truly deserve this award <3